Power from the Past

The Story

Imagine what your life could have been like in the mid-1800s.

Meet Ernest

It is 1850.
He is 32 years old.
He is wearing a sturdy wool jacket and flat cap to keep him warm.
He is carrying an oil can, to oil all the machine bearings.

Ernest’s Story

As Ernest the engineer walked to Dean Clough mills, he thought about the jobs to be done. First job would be to get his greaser to oil the governor, on the steam engine.

As he stepped into the noisy mill he thought about his first job, looking after a water wheel. Life had been a lot more peaceful in those days.

The change to steam made much bigger factories possible and he was proud of his job keeping all the machinery working. But it did mean putting up with all the chimneys belching smoke from the coal. His wife was doing the washing that day and he knew it would all get soot marks on as it dried.

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