Marvellous Machines

The Story

Imagine what your life could have been like in the late 1700s.

Daisy’s Story

Daisy found life very hard now she was working in the mill. She had started in the mill as soon as she was 9 years old and she worked there 12 hours every day.

She longed to go back to her earlier years, then she had helped her mother weave at home, and do tasks on their smallholding in Soyland.

She had to go down into the valley to get to the mill. All the mills were along the Ryburn river because they were driven by waterwheels.

The waterwheels drove the machines with belts and pulleys. The machines clattered very noisily. Her job was cleaning the fluff what was continually collecting on the loom as it wove the cloth. She he had to get very close to the fast-moving machine cogs and was very afraid of being caught in them.

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